❤️Jewish Holidays September 2020 Calendar (5778-79)❤️

September 2020 Jewish Holidays: The Jewish religion has a minimal population in the world and the major part of this religion is living in the country of Israel. The other fraction is living in the parts of all other countries in the world. 

Jewish Holidays 2020 September Calendar

Jewish holidays 2020 calendar


This is probably the most unique and the diversified religion in the world that we know, as it has its own set of culture and the holidays. The Jewish holidays are normally not found in the Gregorian calendar which is followed by the vast majority of the world. 

Jewish Holidays September 2020 Calendar

The Jewish community has its own calendar which is known as the Hebrew calendar and they get access to all their festivals and other events from this calendar. This is why it becomes hard for them at a time to know the names of the holidays or the festivals, which are taking place in the particular month if they don’t have the Hebrew calendar. 

This is why they often have to convert the Gregorian calendar to the Hebrew calendar in order to know the schedule of the Jewish holidays.

For example, if we want to know what are the Jewish holidays which are going to take place in the month of September, when we first would have to convert the September month to the Hebrew calendar’s equivalent month.

Well, there are the two months which take place in the approximate timing, when there is the September month of the Gregorian calendar. Those two months are known as the Elul and the Tishrei and we are going to discuss the same months. 

So, if you are willing to know as to what are the holidays and the festivals which happen in both of these months equivalent to the September month, then you can get such schedule from here. 

Jewish Holiday in September 


You can get the whole schedule of Jewish holidays in September below in this section and then you can arrange them in your own way.

  • Chai Elui 

Well, it’s the official birthday of the Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi which is celebrated on the 16th day of the month. He was the founder of the Chabad Movement in the Judaism religion.

Chai Elui 

Chabad movement is the extensive scenario in itself which has several kinds of holidays, rituals and other kinds of practices.

  • Leil Selichot

Leil Selichot

This is purely the festival of the prayers on which the several kinds of prayers are offered by the Jewish people in the temples. The period in which this festival occurs is known as the period of high holidays.

  • Ten Days of Repentance 

Well, the ten days of repentance is the first 10 days of the first Tishrei month of the Jewish calendar. It is the opening month of the civil Jewish year.

Ten Days of Repentance 

The Jewish people keep themselves indulged in the practice of repentance each year and these 10 days are the significant days form the religious point of view. 

  • Fast of Gadeila 

This fast is kept as the remembrance and in the honor of Gadeila who used to be the governor of Judah. He was basically assassinated leading to the destruction of the Jewish temple.

The Jewish people remember him by this fast as after his passage Israel lost its autonomous status. 

  • Rosh Hashanah 

This is the Jewish new year in the Hebrew calendar as it takes place in the first Tishrei month of the Jewish calendar. It is celebrated as the first festival of the Hebrew calendar and the masses of the Jewish community celebrate it together just like we celebrate the New Year on the 1st of January.

Rosh Hashanah 

Well, so the above we have covered the major holidays of the September (Elul & Tishrei months, which are the September equivalent months in the Hebrew Jewish calendar. 

Now if you want to follow all of these and the other holidays of this month closely, then we urge you to go with our printable calendar’s template. It will help you to follow all the Jewish holiday in the month of September 2020 with a decent approach.


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