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October 2020 Jewish Holidays: Jewish culture has its own identity in the world than any other culture as it is so diverse that it follows its own calendar to mark its holidays and the festivals. Hebrew or the Jewish calendar is based on the Lunar methodology in the comparison of the Solar methodology of the Gregorian calendar. 

Jewish 2020 Holidays in October Month 

OCTOBER 2020 JEwish Calendar


Hebrew calendar has different months unlike the months of the Gregorian calendar and all those months make the Hebrew calendar as an entirely different calendar. This is the reason that why the Jewish people often have to convert the month of a Gregorian calendar to the Hebrew calendar, in order to know their festivals and the holidays falling in the particular month of the Gregorian calendar.

Jewish Holidays October 2020 Calendar

We all want to know the schedule of holidays and the festivals on the basis of the month, and we get it from our respective calendars. In a similar manner, Jewish people also need to have access to such holidays and the festivals on each month basis.

Keeping this in our consideration here in this article we are basically going to convert the month of October in the month’s of Hebrew calendar, which are the Tisheri and the Cheshvan months. 

So, if you are a Jewish person and are looking forward to having access to holidays and the festivals of Judaism culture then we would provide you with it. 

Jewish Holiday Calendar October 2020 

Well, there occurs some significant Jewish holidays in October, which should be kept into the consideration of the Jewish people.

Here below you can take the note of all major holiday of Tishrei and the Cheshvan months, which are the equivalent months of the October in the Gregorian calendar.

  • Shemini Atzeret

This holiday is connected with the festival of Sukkot which lasts for the complete 7 days in Judaism.

Shemini Atzeret

This holiday has the dual identity one of its own and the other is the part of the Sukkot and it is overall a spiritual festival and the holiday which is celebrated at a very large scale in Israel.

It takes place on the 22nd day of the Tishrei month which is either the end of the September or the beginning of the October. 

  • Simchat Torah

Well, this festival of Simchat Torah is recognized as the concluding part for the annual cycle of the Torah readings which is an integral part of the Jewish culture.

It basically ends the old cycle and begins the new cycle of the Torah readings. This is the time when the Torah scrolls are read at night by the gathering of the Jewish community. 

  • Rabin Day

Rabin Day

Well, the Rabin day is the day specifically allocated to the prime minister of Israel. It is the annual celebration and also the national holiday which takes place on the 12th day of the Cheshvan month.

Yitzhak Rabin was the famous leader and the prime minister who owns the huge contribution in making Israel as the autonomous region, and the day is celebrated to remember his contribution.



  • Yom HaAliyah

This festival takes place on the seventh day of Cheshvan month and is the major day in the history of Israel. As per the bible, it was the first day when the Jewish people have entered into the land of Israel for the purpose of establishing it as their own country.

Yom HaAliyah

On this day the efforts of the Jewish people are celebrated who gave their significant contribution to the formation of Israel.

Here we have covered almost all the major holidays which take place in the Tishrei and the Cheshvan month of Hebrew calendar, which are the equivalent months of the October month of the Gregorian calendar.

There are the other events which are falling in this month and you can use the template of our printable calendar to record all those events.

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