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May 2020 Jewish Holidays: A calendar is the best companion for all of us in the context of time management concept and we all have different forms of the calendars in our respective works. It shows us the complete schedule of the festivals, holidays and the other such significant events which may be concerning to us. 

Jewish Holidays 2020 in May Month



Gregorian is the common and the widely used calendar which is used by the majority of the masses around the world. The Gregorian calendar consists of almost all kinds of cultural events from around the world for a different kind of religion, but there is one religion which doesn’t follow the Gregorian calendar.  

Jewish Holidays May 2020 Calendar

Yes, we are talking about the Jewish calendar which is formally known as the Hebrew calendar and is specifically followed by the Jewish people. Hebrew calendar is primarily recognized in the country of Israel as the country is the center place of the Judaism religion. 

Gregorian and the Hebrew calendar are completely different from each other as the Gregorian is based on the solar methodology while the Hebrew is based on the lunar methodology. Both the calendars have the same 12 months in a particular year but the length of months in the Hebrew calendar is either of the 29 days or the 30 days. 

Further, the name of months is completely different in the Hebrew calendar in the comparison of the Gregorian calendar and also the Jewish year doesn’t start from the January month. It has the different month of commencing the year unlike January and thus there are different months taking place throughout the year than the months of the Gregorian calendar. 

Well, here in this article we are basically going to discuss the holidays which take place in the month of May in the Jewish year. Here it is to be informed that there is the different month which takes place when there is the month of May in the Gregorian calendar and “Nisan” & lyar are the months which take place when there is the month of May in the Gregorian Calendar. 

So, in this article, we will discuss the holidays and the festivals which are occurring in the months of Nisan& year, so that you can get the list of Jewish holidays which are celebrated by the Jewish people in the May equivalent month of the Hebrew calendar. 

Jewish Holiday Calendar May (Nisan & lyar) 

Well, there are many Jewish holidays in May which are recognized and celebrated by the Jewish community around the world. We would list out some of the major holidays of this religion in this month so that you can make a monthly schedule for all of them and don’t miss out on anything. 

  • Yom HaShoah 

This is a yearly commemoration of the Jewish culture which is acknowledged every year by the Jewish people. This day is also called the remembrance day in Israel as on this day the people of Israel remember the Jewish who lost their lives in the Nazi Germany Holocaust.

This day is being recognized by the Jewish people since the year 1951 till now. It yearly takes place on the 27th day of the Nisan.

  • Shabbat Mevorchim 

This is the religious practice of the Judaism religion which takes place almost in every Jewish month. On this day the Jewish people read their ritual prayers from their holy book “Exodus” at their religious places.

Shabbat Mevorchim 

There are many kinds of Shabbat which take place throughout the year and each Shabbat is known by its different name. 

  • Bahab 

Bahab is the festival of the fast which is also known by the name of classical Hebrew and is widely celebrated by the Jewish people. It is purely a cultural practice during which the majority of the people abstain from the food consumption even they abstain from the water as well.

This festival can be considered as the supplication for the fast of Esther. 

  • Yom Hazikaron

It is also known as the memorial day in Israel as the day is recognized to remember the fallen soldier and the people who lost their lives against terrorism in the country.

Yom Hazikaron

This day has been officially dedicated to the soldiers of the country and has been enacted in the law as same.

  • Independence Day 

Independence day of Israel also takes place in the same month of the year. Israel got its independence in the year of 1948, and since then the country celebrates its autonomous status of the independent nation.

The independence date of Israel in the Gregorian calendar is 14 May which happens to be the 5 years in the Hebrew calendar.

  • Herzl Day 

This day is celebrated in Israel in the honor of famous Israel’s leader whose name is Theodor Herzl. It is the month of his birthday which takes place on 10 years and his contribution towards the nation is remembered. Many types of states marches are also conducted during this day and it’s almost like a festival in the country.

So, these are some of the major holidays and the events taking place in the month of May (Nisa&lyar) in Israel. You can get the printable calendar’s template to cover all of these months so that you can attend them easily. We have the professional templates for the holiday calendar of the month which you can use in any domain.

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