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As the article is about the Jewish holidays in the month of March thus we would discuss the Jewish holidays in March 2020. So, if you are looking for the complete schedule of the Jewish holidays in these months, then you are at the correct article.

Jewish Holidays 2020 in March



A Jewish community is a community which probably may have the least amount of population around the world, but yet have the wide numbers of the festivals and other such traditional practices. Israel is the prime country where the Jewish religion prevails in the majority, however, there are other parts of the world as well where the religion rules.

Just like any other culture of the world the Jewish culture also has several kinds of festivals and the holidays prevailing in a Jewish calendar. When we talk about the festivals and the holidays, then it’s the calendar which hits our mind before anything else, as it’s basically the calendar which provides us the details of the holidays. 

Jewish Holidays March 2020 Calendar
In this article, we are basically going to talk about the Jewish holidays which are falling in the month of March 2020. Here we would like to make it clear for our users that there is much difference between the Gregorian calendar and the Hebrew calendar. March is the month of the Gregorian calendar while there is no month by the name of the March in the Hebrew calendar.

There are the other months which happen to take place when there is the March month in the Gregorian calendar at the same time, there are the other months which are acknowledged in the Hebrew Jewish calendar. If we talk about the names of the months which take place in the Hebrew calendar, when there is the March month in the Gregorian calendars then the months are the “Adar” and “Nisan”. 

Jewish Holidays in March (Adar & Nisan) 

Well, there are many holidays which take place in the Adar and Nisan months equivalent to the March month of the Gregorian calendar.

Jewish Holidays in March (Adar&Nisan) 

Below we are listing down the significant holidays for your consideration. 

  • Yom Kippur Katan

This is the first festival of the Adar month which is all about the fasting and the supplication. This day is celebrated or practiced by the majority of the Jewish people, however, it is fewer rigors, and thus is optional to the people that whether they want to practice it or not. 

  • Rosh Chodesh 

Rosh Chodesh 

This is the other holiday of the month which is not very significant from the traditional and cultural practice. This day of Rosh Chodesh implies the first day of the month which is a minor holiday and the Jewish people offer the prayers on this day. 

  • Seventh of Adar 

Seventh of Adar 

Well, this is the significant day of the month which is celebrated in the honor and the remembrance of the Jewish prophet whose name was Moses. The day is recognized on the 7th day of Adar month, and it is believed that the Prophet Moses died during the same day thus people remember him in their prayers.

  • Shabbat Zachor 

Shabbat Zachor 

This day is remembered by Israel’s people from back when they left Egypt. The day is recalled remembering the barbaric treatment of the Amalek towards the people of Israel. The Jewish people gather at one point on this day with their kids so that they never forget their history.

  • Fast of Esther 

Fast of Esther 

This is again the major day or holiday in the month of Adar when the fasting practice is conducted by the masses of the Jewish people. It takes place during the 13th day of the month and is celebrated from the origin when the Jewish people fought against their enemies. 

  • Purim 

This is probably the most significant holiday or the festival of this month which is widely celebrated by the Jewish people and specifically in Israel. This day is recognized as the day when the Jewish people survived themselves from the Haman who was considered to be the evil.


Haman wanted to put an end for all the Jewish community in the world and during this day the Jewish people got the survival from him. You can see the Jewish people as are celebrating and fasting during this day.

So, these are some of the major holidays which take place in the March (Adar) month of the Jewish calendar. Here we would like to make you aware that the dates of all above-mentioned festivals may vary from one year to the other. 

We are providing you with the printable calendar’s template for this month of Jewish calendar which will help you in preparing the important schedule for all the events and festival happening in the month. The template has been attached in the several formats thus you can get it in your desired format.

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