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January 2020 Jewish Holidays Calendar: Jewish culture is although has the minority of the population in the world in the comparison of the other cultures, yet the culture holds its own relevance wherever it is existing. Jewish culture has its own set of cultural festivals and the holidays just like the other cultures.

As we need to have a calendar as per our own culture in order to have full and accurate information about the upcoming holidays and the other cultural practices. In the same manner, the Jewish people also follow their calendar, from which they can have access to all their cultural festivals and the public holidays.

Jewish Holidays 2020 Calendar in January Month



The Jewish calendar is normally different from the Gregorian calendar as the Jewish calendar follows the Lunar methodology, while the Gregorian or the Christian calendar is based on the Solar methodology.

The Jewish calendar has the same 12 months but the days in the month are either 29 or 30 which makes the Lunar calendar approx 10 days shorter in the comparison of the Solar calendar or the Gregorian calendar.

The Jewish calendar is also known as the Hebrew calendar and is primarily used in the region of Israel, as it is the prime country where the Jewish culture persists at an abundance scale. In Israel, the Hebrew calendar is used by the Jewish people to have the information about the significant observances of the Jewish culture along with the other public holidays.

Well, here in this article we are going to discuss the Jewish holidays in January which are recognized and celebrated by the Jewish people. We would provide you with the full fledge January month Jewish calendar, which will help you to follow all the holidays or the festivals in the month of January easily.

So, if you are a Jewish no matter whether you are living in Israel or any other region of the world you just can have access to this calendar. We have designed the calendar keeping all the norms of the Jewish calendar in our consideration so that you can make the most of it.

Well, before discussing the Jewish holidays in the month of January we need to understand the fact that there is the timing difference between both the Hebrew/Jewish calendar and the Gregorian calendar, as they are based on the Lunar and the Solar methodology respectively. In the Lunar year September is considered to be the first month of the year which is equivalent to January for the Jewish People.

jewish calendar 2020

This is why the month of September is equivalent the month of January and it is known by the name of “Tishrei” in the Jewish calendar. So, here below we are providing you the list of holidays which take place in the “Tishrei” month.

Rosh Hashanah- 1 Tishrei

Well, this is the very first holiday for the Jewish culture and it is basically the new year of the Jewish culture, as it takes place in the month of Tishrei which is the starting month of every year in the Jewish calendar.

Rosh Hashanah

It is a wild celebration takes place in Israle which lasts for 2 days just like the new year eve and the day in the Greogorian calendar. Jewish people welcome their year by the jovial celebration of this occasion with their open heart.

Yom Kippur- 10 Tishrei

This is the second festival of the first month in the Jewish culture, and it is one of the holiest festival of the year for the jewish people. On this day the people of the culture spend their minimum 25 hours of the span in fasting and praying intensely for their God.

This is the ancient traditional festival in Israel and people on this day refrain themselves from any kind of pleasure or work and just devote themselves to the prayers.

Sukkot-  15 to 21 Tishrei

The other major festival of Jewish culture which take place in the first month of Tishrei. This festival is purely dedicated to the pilgrimage practices of the Jewish community as on this day the masses of the community head towards the temple for the worship purpose.

It is the holiest pilgrimage festival of the culture and is celebrated primarily in Israel by the mass majority.

Simchat Torah- 22 to 23 Tishrei

This is the last festival of the Jewish culture in the first Tishrei month. Simchat Torah is the festival when the conclusion of the Torah reading is marked. Torah reading is basically the public reading by the Jewish community to praise their Almighty just as the Christians do in the church.

This is the festival when this reading is concluded and the new session of the reading is commenced. It is a very significant festival which involves or represents the daily spiritual practice of the Jewish people.

So, these are the major January Jewish holidays which is the period of September in the Gregorian calendar and is known the first “Tishrei” month in the Hebrew calendar.

These are the major festivals or the holidays which we have covered in our list and urge you to go through the Hebrew calendar of Tishrei month in order to have the detailed information of all the minor observances for this month.

You can get this calendar from here in the several formats such as the Word, Excel, PDF etc. You can also customize the calendar as per your requirements to serve your purpose.

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