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August 2020 Jewish Holidays: Right from the Jewish culture to the Jewish calendar, everything differs from the Gregorian calendar and for this reason Jewish people have their own calendar, which is known as the Hebrew calendar. Having the Hebrew calendar enable the Jewish people to follow their holidays and the other events easily. 

Jewish Holidays 2020 in August Month

August 2020 jewish Calendar


Jewish culture is probably the most diversified religion in the world which doesn’t have the masses of the population on earth, but yet is a very significant religion. This religion has its own set of time and then living life their own way. 

Jewish Holidays August 2020 Calendar

As we have said that there are different months in the Hebrew calendar than the Gregorian calendar, and have the different names and timing of occurrence as well. This is why if there is the month of August in the Gregorian calendar, then it would be the month of Av in the Jewish Hebrew calendar. 

Today in this article we are basically going to discuss the Jewish holidays, which take place in the month of August which is the month of “Av” in the Hebrew calendar.

This article would help you to follow the schedule of the Jewish holidays occurring in August.

Jewish Holiday Calendar August 2020

As we have already said that it is the month of Av in the Jewish calendar if we calculate it in the terms of August month of the Gregorian calendar. Av is basically the eleventh month of the Jewish civil year which is comprised of the 30 days and holds the summer season. 

There are several Jewish holidays in August (Av) month and for your consideration below we are mentioning some major of them.

  • Feast of the First Fruits of Wine

This is one of the oldest and the famous festivals of Israel which is still celebrated by the young Judaism generation. The day recalls the command which was made to the Jewish people to bring their first fruits of grape to the temples in the form of offerings.

It is celebrated as a very happy and joyful holiday as it is believed that the wine gets atonement on this particular festival.

  • Shabbat Chazon

Shabbat Chazon

Shabbat is the monthly festival of the Judaism culture on which the special prayers and readings are offered from the religious book of Judaism. Shabbat Chazon is known as the black Shabbat, as it is recognized as the saddest Shabbat of the year and is the opposite of the white Shabbat.

  • Tisha B’Av 

This is the other festival which is not celebrated as the joyful remembering. This is the annually occurring fast festival in the culture of Judaism, which recalls the happening of the several disasters over Israel.

Tisha B'Av

This day recalls the destruction of the Jerusalem’s and Solomon’s temple destruction, and the Jewish people keep the 25 hours long fast on this day.

  • Tu B’Av

Well, this is probably the most lovable festival of the Jewish Av month. Tu B’Av is known as the festival of love among the Jewish people and it is celebrated just like Valentine’s day in the Gregorian calendar both by the young and the old generation of the country. If you are a Jewish person then it is one of the most auspicious days of the year for you.

Tu B'Av

So, these were some of the major holidays of the Jewish culture which occurs in the month of August(Av). There may be many more other festivals and the events, which take place during this day and our printable calendar’s template will help you to cover them all for your consideration.

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