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June 2020 Jewish Holidays Calendar: The Jewish calendar is known as the Hebrew calendar and in this topic, we are going to talk about the Jewish holidays falling in the month of June. 

Jewish Holidays 2020 in June Month



If you are someone who is either living in Israel or belonging to the Judaism religion, then you are going to need the Jewish calendar in order to have the complete schedule of the holidays or the festivals falling in a month.

Jewish Holidays June 2020 Calendar

We all need a calendar in order to keep ourselves ahead with the time and it’s the Gregorian calendar which is followed by the vast majority of the world, however, there still are people for whom the Gregorian calendar is just all useless. Yes, we are talking about the Jewish people who are having no concern with the Gregorian calendar. 

Jewish people follow the Hebrew calendar in order to have access to their holidays or the festivals for a particular month. Hebrew calendar is entirely different from the Gregorian calendar, as it is based on the lunar methodology unlike the solar for the Gregorian calendar. 

There are although the same 12 months in the Hebrew calendar as well but the name of the months are different, and they don’t match with the Gregorian calendar.

There is the other month in the Hebrew calendar which is celebrated as the first month of the year, and in a similar manner, there are occurring the different months in the Hebrew calendar than the months of the Gregorian calendar. 

For example when there is the month of June in Gregorian calendar then there is the month called “Sivan” which is taking place in the Hebrew calendar. This is why the people often have to convert the Gregorian calendar to Hebrew in order to have the easy access of all the Jewish holidays.

In this article, we are basically going to discuss the holidays or the festivals which take place in the Hebrew calendar for the month of June which is “Sivan” in the Hebrew calendar.

So, if you are looking for the Jewish holidays in the month of June then you need to read this article. 

Jewish Holiday Calendar June 2020

There are some significant Jewish holidays in June which are acknowledged and appreciated by the Judaism people. Below we are listing some major of them so that you can plan them easily by the printable calendar.

  • Special Shabbat

Well, the special Shabbat is just one of the several Shabbat of the Jewish culture. This day can be basically referred to as the day as the off day when the Jewish people don’t get indulged in the routine working.

It is celebrated on the 6th day of the week and the many kinds of events are commemorated on this day by the traditional people. 

  • Fast of Samuel 

It is also known as the  Ta’anit and is basically a traditional festival during which the fast is conducted by the Jewish people.

It includes the complete absenteeism from the food and the drink even the water as well. It is recognized as the day of repentance or the expression of the mourning.

  • Jerusalem Day 

Jerusalem Day is a very significant event which is celebrated in Israel and implies the reunification of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Day 

The day is also recognized as the day when the government of Israel got its control over the region of Jerusalem after the war in 1967 and the various kinds of the state ceremonies are conducted on this day. 

  • Yom Kippur Katan

It is also known by the name of the minor day of atonement and is basically the other fasting festival of Judaism. It is known as the minor day of atonement as the day is fewer rigors than the Yom Kippur Proper in the context of fasting, and is not practiced by the entire Jewish people community as a whole.

  • Shavuot

It is the other significant Jewish festival which falls in the month of Sivan equivalent to June in the Gregorian calendar. This festival is recognized as the day when God Gave Torah to the county of Israel, and all the important wheat harvest is also marked up on the same day. It is also known as one of the most important pilgrimage festivals of I

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